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Amazonite Butterfly


Amazonite Butterfly

This is absolutely beautiful !

A metal frame in the shape of a butterfly has been specially tailor-made for this gorgeous pair of Butterfly wings !

The wings themselves have been cut from a really attractive piece of Amazonite and polished all over to bring out the beautiful colour and pattern of the stone.

The wings simply fit into the stand, and that's it. They are not hard to put in and no pushing or wiggling is required. As the frame has been made specifically to hold the wings, it really is a simple fit !

This butterfly will look fabulous wherever you decide to place it whether that is in a meditation space, a healing room or simply on show in your home.

What an unusual and truly beautiful piece !

Size approx. 125mm tall x 130mm wide
Weight approx. 136grms

Amazonite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Amazonite can help to align and balance the physical body with the mental and emotional body helping to promote a sense of well being. It has been used in treating disorders of the nervous system and is said to help resist both tooth decay and osteoporosis. It is also said to be of benefit in treating muscle spasms.

Amazonite is a soothing stone, a friendly stone that soothes our emotions helping us to overcome our fears and our worries. Amazonite stimulates our creativity and aids communication with others. It balances our male and female energies and brings to us a sense of clarity. Amazonite can help to reduce any self-damaging behaviours we may have and can instil within us a sense of self-confidence and grace.

Amazonite can help to dispel any negative or irritating energies that may be around us or which may have attached themselves to us. It is also a stone that can bring us an understanding of what Universal Love actually is, along with the joy that such love can also bring us.


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