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Almandine Garnet Flame


Almandine Garnet Flame
you will receive this exact flame carving

This is a lovely flame carving cut from a wonderful piece of Almandine Garnet in matrix.

You can easily see hundreds of tiny Almandine Garnets within the rock.

This really is a wonderful carving, and very well done too !

Almandine Garnet is extremely useful for promoting connections to other worlds, and in this world it inspires awareness and creativity.

Size approx. 105mm x 50mm x 45mm
Weight approx. 359grms

Almandine Garnet Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

"A stone of health", extracting negative energies from the chakras, and helping to distribute the appropriate amount of positive energy to each part of the body. An excellent stone for the spine, bones, heart and lungs. Almandine Garnet stimulates blood flow, is useful in treating the liver and pancreas and, in fact, is helpful in all conditions requiring regenerative forces.

Expands our levels of awareness, and inspires our creativity, to the point where we are able to change our own lives. Also known as the "stone of commitment", to our life's purpose, to other people and to ourselves. It can provide flashes of insight and can assist us to "hit the target" as we move towards success. It provides a protective influence and a calming, stable vitality during use. Almandine Garnet increases our levels of passion and enhances our own sexuality.

Almandine Garnet promotes connections to other worlds, helps us to remember our dreams, and allows us to make a connection with a higher intellect. It is very useful for opening a pathway between the base chakra and the crown chakra and allowing us to channel spiritual energies into our physical body.


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