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Crinoidal Limestone Palm Stone No4


Crinoidal Limestone Palm Stone
you will receive this exact palm stone

This is a really great Palm Stone cut from a superb piece of lovely Crinoidal Limestone.

Have a close look at the stone and you'll see that it is packed with fossils and, in particular, tiny round Crinoids !

Great Palm Stone to hold and just a lovely size to work with as well.

Size approx. 43mm x 36mm x 10mm
Weight approx. 23grms

Crinoidal Limestone Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Crinoids are an ancient fossil group that first appeared in the seas in the Middle Cambrian period about 500 million years ago - that's about 300 million years before the dinosaurs arrived! They were plentiful in the seas at the time and some species still survive to the present day, although somewhat different in appearance from their fossil ancestors. They looked rather like a flower or a fern with waving arms to collect food as it passed by in the currents and a long "stem" with a holdfast foot at the bottom to keep it upright. Branching off of the upright stem was an elongated structure containing the main body of the animal. Living alongside the Crinoids were a variety of other early sea life such as bivalves, brachiopods and corals. When these sea creatures died, over millions of years, they became part of the limestone as fossils and although Crinoidal Limestone is formed predominantly from Crinoids, often the fossils of these other sea creatures are present too.

Fossils in general are believed to reduce tiredness and fatigue and to help with de-toxing and with digestive disorders. They are also said to help with rheumatism.

Fossils may help to relieve anxiety and stress, balance the emotions and increase our levels of self confidence. They are also said to promote a sense of pride and success in business.

Fossils enhance our telepathic abilities and stimulate the mind.


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