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Colombian Quartz Point No1


Colombian Quartz Point

Colombian Quartz, rarely seen for sale in Europe, is renowned for its clarity and its quality, easily the equal to any Quartz from Brazil, we think you will enjoy working with these pieces. Many Quartz pieces from Colombia form as Lemurian Quartz with ladder like striations on their sides and if anything, these striations are perhaps even more defined than their Brazilian counterparts.

Many Colombian Quartz pieces are hand mined by family co-operatives and artisan miners, usually from small mines that are remote and often inaccessible with no roads to them. The mines have evocative names such as Penas Blancas, (White Peaks) The Bolivar Mine, Sucre and La Belezza (The Beautiful).

Colombian Quartz is extremely good at lifting our consciousness out of the normal everyday routine and allowing us to see the bigger picture of life and even alternative ways of doing things and of thinking about things. They are inspirational Quartz and excellent for people who feel "stuck" and who want to move their life on to the next level.

This particular piece is a superb Lemurian point with extremely well defined striations and a feint golden colouring to it as well !

As if this wasn't enough, there is a baby Quartz growing across this piece !

It sits very nicely in your hand and will make an excellent crystal tool for someone. AA grade and no damage.

Lovely, lovely !

It come from the Musa mine in the Boyaca Dept of Colombia, well known for their Lemurians.

Size approx. 40mm x 20mm x 20mm
Weight approx. 16grms

Quartz Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Quartz, sometimes called clear quartz or rock crystal or quartz crystal, is a Master Healer, and as such, can be used for any condition. Quartz has the property to receive, store, amplify and transmit energies. It has an organising and harmonising effect on all parts of the body. When Quartz is attuned to the person requiring healing, it can act at a very deep vibrational level indeed, bringing the body, the subtle bodies and the aura back into balance. Quartz is excellent for general healing as it helps to speed up the whole healing process. It fortifies the nerves, balances the two halves of the brain and stimulates glandular activity. Quartz can also amplify the effect of other crystals placed nearby.

Quartz dissolves areas of imbalance and negativity and provides us with a sense of calmness and clarity in our minds. It restores a more balanced energy to us and this property makes Quartz a valuable healing tool. Quartz amplifies and strengthens the whole auric field. It helps us to find simple ways to solve our problems, aids concentration and helps us to remember things. Quartz harmonises all the chakras.

An excellent stone for meditation, Quartz enables us to communicate with all levels of spirit life and indeed, with every dimension. Quartz can encourage our spiritual development and can also help us to attune to our spiritual purpose in life. Quartz further helps us by ensuring that any such spiritual development remains in tune with our own sense of who we are, in tune with our own sense of our true inner self. It is a deep soul cleanser, raising energies to their highest possible spiritual level.


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