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Zebra Jasper Skull - 45mm, 78grms


Zebra Jasper Skull

Lovely carving of a skull, cut and polished from a great piece of black and white Zebra Jasper.

Skulls have become more and more popular over the years and some think that this is because they hark back to ancient times and we need to draw on that energy now.

What is interesting is that skulls like to be together. The "feel" or "energy" from a single skull is not just doubled when you place it close to another one, it is increased significantly. People who are into skulls will often have a large collection of them.

They are of course ideal for meditation.

Size approx. 45mm x 40mm x 35mm
Weight approx. 78grms

Zebra Jasper Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Zebra Jasper is thought to help with kidney and bladder problems, disorders of the bones, osteoporosis, teeth and gum problems and is also believed to help with muscle spasms.

Zebra Jasper is often called the stone of optimism. It is a highly motivating stone and one that helps us to overcome apathy and laziness. Despite life's stresses and problems, it helps us to be optimistic and to look on the bright side of things. It also provides us with the resolve and initiative to tackle those problems as well. Zebra Jasper helps us to see our own true nature, to dream, to explore and to take action.

Zebra Jasper helps to balance our spiritual energies, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, the physical with the intellectual and by making connections with both the crown chakra and the root chakra, Zebra Jasper also helps to balance our emotional and etheric bodies. Zebra Jasper is also a very grounding stone and it allows us to tune into Mother Earth and be able to make strong connections with the planet and with natural forces. It is a protective stone for our aura and helps with the transmutation of lower base energies into higher frequency energy.


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