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Black Garnets or Melanite Garnets

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Black Garnet or Melanite Garnet

These are lovely Black Garnets. Although they are commonly known as Black Garnets they are in fact a variety of Garnet called Andradite. The black coloured Andradite Garnets are known as Melanite, or more frequently, Black Garnets.

If all these names and types of Garnet weren't enough, it is also known as Titanium Andradite in some countries !

Black Garnets are quite rare and these all have an interesting structure typical of Black Garnets. They are lovely, hard to find pieces with a good formation.

Size approx. 30-40mm
Weight approx. 35grms

Black Garnets or Melanite Garnets Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Melanite is a type of Garnet called Andradite Garnet. Black Andradite Garnets are called Melanite. Melanite is thought to help our body to adjust to any medications that we may be required to take. It is said to strengthen the bones and has been used in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and strokes. It is also believed to encourage the formation of blood and to be beneficial for the liver.

To say that Melanite is grounding is putting it mildly. It anchors us firmly to Earth energy enabling us to ground ourselves and draw energy from the very planet. It activates our Earthstar Chakra and supplies us with energy we need to bring our creative ideas into being. It is an excellent energy purifier and for this reason could very well be useful in healing rooms. Melanite fosters courage, stamina and inner strength. It overcomes those situations where there is a distinct lack of love and dissolves feelings of alienation or isolation. It protects us from suicidal thoughts and is helpful to those recovering from any sort of addiction. Melanite dispels anger, mistrust, jealousy and envy, helping us instead to be much more honest and to speak the truth. It helps in moving relationships to the next stage by attracting and drawing in whatever is needed for each relationship, whether that is further union and drawing closer together, or divorce and separation.

Melanite is useful for both cleansing and expanding our aura. It stimulates our ability to see psychic visions. Shamans will appreciate this crystal as it offers them help and protection on their journey. An excellent crystal where emergency grounding is needed, e.g. after astral travelling, contact with higher forces, a profound spiritual experience etc.

You will receive 1 (one) hand picked, lovely Natural Piece of Black or Melanite Garnet


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