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Cataclasite Tumble Stone

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Cataclasite Tumbled Stone

Cataclasite is also known as Cataclasite Quartz, Impact Quartz or Cataclysmite.

It is formed either when intense pressure within the Earth itself builds up and up to breaking point and is then suddenly released, shattering the rocks around the pressure release point - or as is the case here, it was created when a meteorite struck the Earth fracturing and shattering the rocks around the point of impact.

The meteorite in question landed millions of years ago in an area that in modern times we now call Botswana.

Cataclasite, however it is formed, is always created, violently, abruptly, quickly and suddenly. The Quartz rocks are first shattered and then "fused" back together again by the intense heat and pressure of the event.

In these tumbled stones the white is the Quartz and the red is Hematite that had either formed near the Quartz in the first place or was brought here via the meteorite itself, or both !

Size Large/X Large, approx. 30-40mm
Weight approx. 22grms

Cataclasite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Cataclasite is believed to help with digestion and the digestive system. It is also said to help the body's own healing system.

Cataclasite is a stone of transformation. It helps us to see that however much change is occurring in our lives, change is always necessary. Without change we would become stagnant and even though such change may sometimes be difficult, Cataclasite can provide us with the strength and courage we need to help us through it. Cataclasite also helps us to be more "at peace" with our self. It gives us a sense of balance and proportion and helps us to see the whole picture when we have to make difficult decisions. It helps us to become much more empowered, to have belief in our own judgements and our sense of worth. It helps us to find the "stronger us" within. Cataclasite also helps those who feel they have to be in control of everything. It eases the inner tensions of "control freaks" and allows them to welcome into their lives new and unfamiliar situations and to be more at ease with new people too.

Cataclasite helps us to be more spiritually aware and works on stimulating our third eye chakra.

You will receive 1 (one) hand picked, lovely Cataclasite Tumble Stone


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