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Red Jasper Unicorn


Red Jasper Unicorn
you will receive this exact Unicorn

This is a gorgeous carving of a Unicorn !

The mythical creature we all know and love and that exists in our collective imagination. Who hasn't heard stories of Unicorns. How they can run faster than even the fastest man and how they can only be caught by virgins.

The Unicorn is said to symbolise chastity, purity, childhood and innocence.

It is an animal with many magical powers to heal human problems that afflict us all, but they are almost impossible to find. Only those with a pure heart will ever see a Unicorn.

Let this wonderful carving reconnect you with your own inner Unicorn !

Size approx. 50mm x 47mm x 17mm
Weight approx. 38grms

Red Jasper Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

All round protecting and grounding stone. Good for general non specific aches and pains. Helps to keep energy high. Assists in the treatment of tissue deterioration of the internal organs, disorders of the kidneys, spleen, liver, bladder and stomach, although for deterioration rather than for actually being diseased. Jasper can also help in balancing the mineral content of the body and regulating the supplies of iron, sulphur, zinc and manganese. Jasper is a "sustaining" stone and can help when extended periods of hospitalisation are necessary.

Balances emotional energies. Reminds you that you are not just here for yourself but also to bring joy and substance to others and to assist them in releasing the bonds of their constraint.

Native American Indians thought Jasper to be a highly revered sacred stone and the ancients revered Jasper as a helper which allowed astral journeys to commence and ensured your safe astral travel. Red Jasper in particular helps you to recall your dreams, especially those dreams that could be important to you in your physical life.


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