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Shamanic Dream Stone No4


Shamanic Dream Stone

This absolutely gorgeous Shamanic Dream Stone is from Brazil. It's an excellent quality stone, brilliantly polished and easily clear enough to see the mineral world contained within. So many of these stones are opaque or dull or hard to see into - and being able to see into it, is really the whole point of a Shamanic Dream Stone !

But not so with this one. It's so clear that without any difficulty you can see the magical mineral world inside beckoning you to explore it further !

This particular stone has a very well defined V shape section of ridges within it and it is, unusually, predominantly a creamy white colour. Perhaps you could see the sharp peaks of mountains against a softer moss covered tree line, or maybe, more deeply, a series of ridges or levels that have to be conquered to reach our cloudy, atmospheric, spiritual peak !

This is a gorgeous and high quality Shamanic Dream Stone and anyone who works with crystals would be pleased to connect with this gorgeous piece.

Size approx. 65mm x 62mm x 35mm
Weight approx. 156grms

Shamanic Dream Stone Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Shamanic Dream Stones are polished Quartz pebbles with various mineral inclusions. The inclusions most frequently found are, Chlorite (a soft moss green coloured mineral), Fluorite (a mossy purple colour), Rutile (present as short thin strands and frequently red, black, gold, orange or silver) Titanium Dioxide (a red moss like mineral), Mica (often an orange colour), Iron Oxide (often gold or red) plus small amounts of other Feldspar minerals.

Each individual stone is unique. The stones themselves are polished to a high dome shape and each tiny mineral world calls you to explore its other worldly interior.

The idea with Shamanic Dream Stones is to focus on a problem or an issue or a desired outcome that you have here, in our present world, and then gazing into the inner most depths of the stone, allow yourself to be transported in and around the fantastic interior and be as one with the stone on your journey.

Allow your mind to be free and you may well find that your journey may entail visionary experiences and healings.

When an answer or solution is revealed to you, you should thank the stone and slowly bring yourself back to our present world where you can apply what you were shown.

A wonderful companion stone for those who are studying Shamanic ways.


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