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Tsesit Stone

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Tsesit Stone

Tsesit is a stone found near the village of Tses in the Karas region of Namibia, an area settled by the San, the indigenous hunter-gatherer people who have left their mark in Southern Africa for more than 20,000 years.

The San or Bushmen, are the original inhabitants of Southern Africa and the tribes from Namibia have for generations passed on their traditions orally. Their belief system is strongly founded on nature and they believe that every object has a soul and even within stones there is a living force that has developed according to the laws of nature.

Tseit was long thought to have been a meteorite that fragmented, as it has that shiny grey, metallic, uneven look common to many meteorites. The stones were analysed in more detail just as recently as 2010, and it is now accepted that they are mostly Goethite that has formed from the diagenesis of Marcasite. Diagenesis refers to the chemical, biological and physical changes that take place when a mineral is transformed into another mineral by pressure and heat.

It is said that Tsesit remembers the origins of the Earth and it is able to help us focus on our most basic human concerns, primal fear, shelter, food, survival and to bring these concerns to the surface where they can be allowed to melt away instead of being repressed.

Tsesit is an excellent grounding stone and also one that can help us when we meditate by allowing us to breathe more deeply and attain a deeper mediation. It is believed to improve our sleep patterns, enhance our blood circulation and support the body?s ability to heal itself.

Tsesit can brighten our mood and our outlook on life making us more resilient and cheerful while providing us with a strong sense of still, inner calm.

Size Medium, approx. 19-20mm
Weight approx. 5grms

You will receive 1 (one) hand picked, lovely Tsesit Stone


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