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Rough/Natural Mookaite


Rough/Natural Mookaite

Mookaite is found in only one place on Earth, namely around the Mooka Ridge and Mooka Creek areas of Mooka Station, once a large sheep farming area in the Kennedy Ranges in Western Australia.

The word Mooka means "running waters" in the Aboriginal language of the area, a reference to the many springs that feed into Mooka Creek.

The stone itself displays comforting earth coloured tones of yellow, red/maroon, ochre and cream.

This gorgeous piece is predominantly yellow with good strong red markings and the base has been cut level so that it stands up on end as well.

Great display piece or a centre piece for a meditation area.

This is rough/natural rock and Mookaite can have some pretty sharp edges, so watch your fingers !

Size approx. 145mm x 100mm x 55mm
Weight approx. 963grms

Mookaite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Mookaite is an Australian aboriginal healing stone that bestows strength. It helps with the healing of wounds and with regeneration. Useful in stabilising health and in fortifying the immune system, Mookaite also purifies the blood in the liver and the spleen and can help with the glands in general, the stomach, water retention and with hernias.

Mookaite encourages within us, the desire for variety and new experiences. It can make us more flexible in our thinking and enhances our decision making. It also helps us to recognise that there could be several possibilities for the outcome of any issue. It also helps us to choose the best solution to that issue. Mookaite helps us to embrace and celebrate new circumstances and helps us when dealing with negative situations. Mookaite helps us to be kind to others, and also, quite importantly, helps us to be kind to ourselves too. It is a very protective stone, and is particularly good as an emotional protector.

Mookaite helps us to realise that meditation may be possible during any activity. It is also said to stimulate contact with loved ones who have passed over and helps us to better communicate with animals.


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