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Purple Grape Chalcedony


Purple Grape Chalcedony

This is a simply gorgeous piece of Purple Grape Chalcedony from Jiangxi Province in China.

It has a great flat shape, a wonderful colour and the structure of the individual orbs is excellent too.

Unusually, both sides are covered in the purple grape crystals.

It doesn't quite stand up on its own, very nearly but not quite - so we are also going to give you the stand that we used in these photographs so that you can display it nicely.

This really is a great piece of this unusual mineral.

This is a reasonably new mineral to the metaphysical marketplace, only discovered in any quantity in 2017.

The colour varies from lilac to purple to purple/blue and on some of the small orbs, there may also be traces of yellow/green too.

It's a great find and Purple Grape Chalcedony brings us many valuable spiritual and crystal healing properties.

Size approx. 95mm x 80mm x 40mm
Weight approx. 195grms

Purple Grape Chalcedony Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Purple Grape Chalcedony is believed to be beneficial for the body's nervous system and for the treatment of inflamed eyes. It is also thought to help with problems relating to the neck, shoulders and the thyroid.

Purple Grape Chalcedony helps us to avoid becoming emotionally involved in relationships that, deep down, we know will only cause us distress. It helps us to be more mature in our outlook and to be more stable and composed in our dealings with other people. Purple Grape Chalcedony is also an excellent stone to help us develop verbal dexterity, communication skills and the speaking of foreign languages.

Purple Grape Chalcedony helps to balance the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It works on our Third Eye and Crown Chakras and brings to us a sense of expanded awareness. It helps us to reach the higher realms and to better understand the higher knowledge and wisdom that we may receive from a deeper spiritual understanding. It also helps to raise our vibrations and connect us to our souls true purpose in this life. Purple Grape Chalcedony is also valuable for helping us to interpret our dreams and visions.


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