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Absent Healing with Crystals

posted on 2 July 2017 | posted in Articles

There are times when you'd like to give some healing to someone, perhaps a friend or a relative, but you can't because they are just too far away, or on holiday abroad, or maybe even living in another country.

So what can you do?

This is where absent healing comes into play. It is simply a way of transferring healing energy from you to the intended recipient when the two of you are not physically close enough to get together. The easiest way to do this of course is simply to think well of someone.

To take this a step further though, we can actually send good wishes and healing wishes through the universe along with our good thoughts.

Before sending any absent healing, please do be sure to get the agreement and approval of the person who you will be sending it to. It is so tempting to feel that aunty so and so or my good friend whoever, simply must need some healing because of what they said, or what they did, or the views they hold. This is really your judgement of them and not their request for healing.

Be sure to get their approval first.

So how to begin? Firstly you will need some representation of the person who is far away. This would most likely be a photograph of them but could also perhaps be a lock of hair, a personal item of theirs, their signature or autograph, etc.

Ground and centre yourself well. If you know that the person is in the West, it is helpful to turn to face the West. Likewise, face South if they are in the South somewhere. You can use the position of the sun as a rough guide for this. In the Northern hemisphere, the sun rises in the East, moves round through the South and sets in the West. A really rough guide would be that the sun at midday indicates South. The following should go without saying, but I'll say it nevertheless - don't stare at the sun with unprotected eyes!

Check with your guides and/or angels if you need any protection while you are doing absent healing work as you will need to transmit over long distances. Get yourself comfortable and hold your representation and focus on the person concerned. Try to "tune in" and determine what crystals would serve them best.

Place your representation down in a safe space and place the appropriate crystals on and/or around it. If you are giving a full body healing you could lay the 7 chakra crystals over a photo perhaps. If you just want them to have more confidence say, you could place Tigers Eye on your representation.

Ask your guides how long the crystals should be left on your representation. If days or longer are indicated, do check regularly to ensure no one else in your family has moved your arrangement.

What I feel is nice too, is having laid out your crystals on your representation, sit and think of the person and send them your healing, then at the end of the session, blow softly across the stones and the representation together towards the general direction that you know the person to be in, i.e. East, West, etc. I feel that this gets the healing energies off to a good start and also brings in the sacred power of breath.

A Quartz crystal point may also be placed pointing from your representation to the appropriate compass direction to further enhance any healing transfer.

Finally, remember the care you took preparing the representation and laying out the crystals. When you come to pack it all away again, don't just mush it all up, take it apart with equal care and thought.

Absent healing is yet another way to work with and enjoy your crystals.


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