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We believe in simple to understand flat rates of delivery.

Forget all those complicated weight and destination tables, or worse still, not finding out what the delivery costs will be until after you've placed your order and entered your name and address !

We prefer simple !

So these are our rates.

1) Delivery of anything to anywhere in the UK is just 3.95

2) Delivery of anything to anywhere in Europe is just 4.95

2) Delivery of anything to anywhere in the USA or Canada is just 5.95

3) Delivery of anything to anywhere in Australia or New-Zealand is just 6.95

4) Delivery to the Rest of the World is 7.95

!!!!! >> What's more - if you spend more than 40 then delivery is FREE !* << !!!!!

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All UK orders are delivered using 1st class postage via Royal Mail.*

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All orders delivered outside the UK are made using Royal Mail and Airmail.*
*There may be times when we feel that your order will be better delivered by a courier company and we reserve the right to do this if we feel that the situation demands it.

When you place an order with us, we normally process your order within 24 hours.

Because we exhibit at shows (see when we are next at a show near you) there may be times when it could take us a little longer to process your order, but we'll still do it as quickly as we can.