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What size will my Crystal be ?

posted on 5 December 2021 in Articles

So that you know what size crystal to expect when you order something from us, all of our pieces now show the approximate size of each piece for sale and the approximate weight of each crystal too.In ...more info >>>

Lost or Missing Crystals

posted on 13 November 2021 in Articles

Quite often at shows people will tell us that they bought such and such a crystal some time ago but now they have lost it, misplaced it, or simply can't find where they put it down.Often people want t...more info >>>

Crystals For Traveling

posted on 14 August 2021 in Articles

Whether you are going on holiday, taking a trip somewhere, or traveling to distant shores, your trip should be fun, enjoyable and inspirational. It should open you up to new experiences and help you t...more info >>>

The Environmental Impact of Mining Crystals

posted on 14 August 2021 in Articles

About 5 or 6 years ago I received an email from a lady called Kerry who asked me this question. "Hi, I would appreciate your opinion on the environmental impact of crystals. I have quite a few myself ...more info >>>

Programming your Crystals

posted on 12 August 2021 in Articles

So what exactly is meant by "Programming" a crystal. How does it help me work with my crystals and should I be doing it ?The intention behind programming a crystal, any crystal, is to energise that pa...more info >>>

Does Crystal Healing Really Work ?

posted on 12 August 2021 in Articles

We are often asked "So, do crystals really work - I mean do they really work?"We strongly believe that crystals do work - but before we get into that, how about a little history.It is the ancient Gree...more info >>>

Our Industrial Mineral Friends

posted on 10 August 2021 in Articles

I know that we sell crystals for healing and we emphasise the metaphysical side of crystals and minerals. But I thought it would do no harm to remember that crystals and minerals have more mundane, bu...more info >>>

Crystal Spheres

posted on 3 June 2021 in Articles

Crystal Balls have been around a long, long time. In fact there is a museum that I recently heard of in the USA (in either Boston or Pennsylvania I seem to recall) that has a large collection of cryst...more info >>>

Birthstones - More Lists than you Thought !

posted on 6 January 2021 in Articles

We know that lots of people are interested in finding out what their birthstone is, and we also know that there seems to be a lot of confusing information out there. So Steve & Mo here at He Hi She Lo...more info >>>

Ramblings of a Crystal Lover

posted on 17 December 2020 in Articles

This article is really just what it says it is, some of Steve's random (and rambling!) thoughts about all things crystal - of which we seem to have collected rather a lot of now - and so we've decided...more info >>>

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