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Crystals For Traveling

posted on 14 August 2017 | posted in Articles

Whether you are going on holiday, taking a trip somewhere, or traveling to distant shores, your trip should be fun, enjoyable and inspirational. It should open you up to new experiences and help you to appreciate a new country and its people that you have never visited before. Or it should be your relaxing time away and time to switch off and chill out in order to re-energise yourself for the rest of the year.

Either way, you may often find yourself decidedly un-relaxed and very stressed having to suffer the vagaries of traffic jams, flight delays, passport control, the weather, timetable changes etc etc and so for those of you who find these things stressful, why not take along a couple of crystal friends to help you relax, de-stress and enjoy the whole experience a bit more !

Whether you suffer from jet lag, struggle with fear and anxiety, or simply feel the need for some protection, we hope there may be something here that can help to soothe your emotions, dispel your worries and ensure that you enjoy your travels !

1) Before Setting Off
You'll need to get all your documents, passports, visas, tickets, hotel bookings etc all together so that they are handy to pick up when you leave. Don't let the stress of organising this get you down, keep a piece of Green Aventurine by you which helps to dispel stress. Think of Merlinite too as it helps to enhance our organisational abilities.

The night before you leave, some people like to have a nice relaxing bath to be ready for the day ahead. Try placing a piece of Rose Quartz in the water to help you relax even more.

2) The Day You Leave
If you suffer from travel sickness take along a couple of pieces of Yellow Jasper. This is said to help mitigate travel sickness if held over the solar plexus. Some also like to place this against their ear to help stop that dizzy feeling often associated with travel sickness.

If you suffer from fear and anxiety when traveling, this can sometimes be as the result of not being in control of what is happening to you or having to rely on others for your well being. Sodalite may well be helpful here, just keep a piece in your pocket and hold it for reassurance from time to time. Lithium Quartz is also an excellent crystal to combat anxiety.

3) Flying
So once you're off consider holding, or at least keeping about you somewhere, a piece of Black Tourmaline, an excellent protective crystal that also blocks other peoples negative energies. It is supposed to be especially good for those fearful of airplane trips or those who get panicky at being in the confined space of an airplane.

Malachite is another good protective crystal and especially good for protection during a flight. It also helps to dispel vertigo.

4) Travelling by Sea
Travelling across the sea, the ideal crystal to take along with you is Aquamarine, long thought of by sailors as a good luck stone for anyone taking a sea voyage.

5) Other People
Traveling anywhere will inevitability mean that you come into contact with a lot more people than usual. If you feel susceptible to their energies you could end up feeling tired and drained as they unintentionally drain your own energy stores. Smokey Quartz is an excellent stone for helping us stay alert and, if you are traveling with companions, it can also help communication between everyone in your group.

Black Jade is also an excellent crystal for helping us to deal with other people draining our energy reserves.

6) Jet Lag
Jet lag can be combated by sitting quietly with a piece of Citrine in your left hand and a piece of Black Tourmaline in your right hand. Sit for 10 minutes and feel the energy of the Citrine filling you up whilst the negative energies are drawn out of your body and away by the Black Tourmaline.

7) Protecting your Valuables
As a stone of success, Citrine makes a lovely travel partner. It also helps to boost our energy levels and as it is also strongly connected with both acquiring and protecting wealth, it may well be an excellent idea to keep a piece along with your valuables when traveling.

8) Having a Good Time
Carnelian is an excellent crystal for boosting our energy levels (and letting go of anger and frustration) and for increasing our motivation and endurance. It can help travelers get involved and learn about their surroundings. As a general good luck stone, Carnelian is one of those crystals travelers don't want to be without.

Another great stone to consider is Ruby. You can wear this stone as jewellery or simply keep a piece in your pocket. Ruby does act as a shield against psychic attack, but it also opens us up to having more fun! It makes us more spontaneous, impulsive and enthusiastic. Also, if you are traveling with a romantic partner, bring along Ruby to arouse more passion !

9) Resolving Family Arguments
Citrine, which we've already touched on above, is also extremely useful for helping us to focus and to study, a great help perhaps for when we need to read the map correctly. It also helps us with resolving family arguments, perhaps for when we didn't read the map correctly !!

There may of course be other crystals that are your own personal favourites to take away on holiday, but the ones above should be a good starting point for any traveller or holidaymaker.

Do have a great time away - and above all, enjoy yourself !!


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