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Blue Moonstone Pendant AA Grade


Blue Moonstone Pendant AA Grade

If you look closely at many of the Blue Moonstone Pendants offered for sale these days, you'll find that the back of the piece is usually closed i.e. it has a silver back so that you can't see the back of the stone when you turn it over.

The reason for this is so that a very thin piece of bright blue coloured paper can be placed inside the silver frame and the stone laid on top of it. The reason for this is simple, it makes a lesser grade stone look much more appealing !

Look at this pendant however, and it is open at the back (like all of our pendants incidentally) and yet it still shows an amazing blue flash - and that is because the stone in this pendant is an AA Grade stone to start with.

This simply gorgeous pendant with its beautiful stone is set in sterling silver which is stamped with 925 on the reverse.

A fabulous grade stone that flashes blue as you move it around, and a pendant that you will be pleased to wear and talk about !

Size (incl. bail) approx. 41mm x 15mm
Weight approx. 8grms

Moonstone Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Moonstone may be beneficial in helping to maintain the correct hormonal balance during the menstrual cycle. It is an excellent stone for helping us to cope with PMS and with the menopause. It is said to have a beneficial effect on all fluid systems in the body and can help with digestive disorders that may be related to emotional stress. As may be expected with an intensely feminine stone, it also helps with fertility, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and with breast feeding.

Moonstone calms our emotions and eases emotional instability. It balances over-sensitivity to situations and relieves stress. Moonstone brings out our feminine side, and rather than rely solely on our intellectual reasoning, it helps us to become aware of our subconscious, intuitive feelings and emotions. It brings us flashes of insight and stimulates our self-confidence and composure. Moonstone may also help with calming hyperactive children.

Moonstone brings us many traditional links to the moon and to all feminine values. It enhances our psychic abilities and helps us to develop the skill of clairvoyance. It also helps us to appreciate the never ending cycles of life and to better understand that as each end comes to fruition, so a new beginning takes place.


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