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Large Dragons Blood Jasper Elephant


Large Dragons Blood Jasper Elephant
you will receive this exact elephant

This is a really super large size carving of a Dragons Blood Jasper Elephant !

The Dragons Blood Jasper itself is a wonderful piece with a really good amount of red/maroon on a highly patterned green background.

There are lots of elephants out there and most are small and around 45-50mm long and 25mm high. This one is over twice that size in length and nearly 3 times that size in height and measures 107mm long by 72mm high !

It has been lovingly hand carved with some really nice detailing on the trunk and the tail.

This gorgeous elephant is looking for a loving owner !

Oh! And just in case you didn't know, elephants shown with their trunk over their head are supposed to be bringers of good luck !

Size approx. 107mm x 72mm x 54mm
Weight approx. 577grms

Dragons Blood Jasper Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Dragons Blood Jasper is said to support all healing processes and also strengthen the constitution in general. It is believed to stimulate the liver and the gall bladder and to help with the digestive process in the small intestine. It is also said to strengthen the immune system and the thyroid and to help with disorders of the nervous system and the brain.

Dragons Blood Jasper with its green and red colouring connects straight to our heart chakra allowing us to much better understand our own emotions and feelings. It helps us to listen to what our heart has to say and provides us with the necessary strength, courage and purpose needed so that we can address any deeply buried or repressed emotional issues and resolve them once and for all. It brings to us the strengths of love, forgiveness and compassion and gives us the courage to face difficulties head-on. Dragons Blood Jasper can encourage recovery and regeneration after a severe illness, or indeed, after great exhaustion brought on by overwork. It helps to lift our emotions and brings us vitality and joy. It is said to stimulate interaction with other people and groups of people and to help us to "take part" in things. Dragons Blood Jasper also helps us to achieve our own goals and stops us being overly critical of others.

Dragons Blood Jasper activates all chakras and meridians and enhances our own spiritual growth. It helps us to build on the "real person" that we are, dissolving false images of the way that we see ourselves and promoting spiritual self-healing. Dragons Blood Jasper can also help us to raise the kundalini.


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