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Crystals in the Work Place

posted on 12 January 2017 | posted in Articles

Crystals in The Work Place

Unless you happen to have won the lottery, or alternatively you have a private income, most of us have to go to work to earn a living.

Wherever you work, be it for a big company, for a small company, or whether you are self-employed, from time to time we could all use a bit more focus, a bit less stress, a bit more confidence. We'd like to receive a bit more understanding from our bosses and we'd like to be more well thought of ourselves.

Having crystals around us in our workplace or our business environment can address some of these issues and can also provide us with some support and stimulation too.

Some of the crystals that can benefit us in our workplace are listed below.

1) Do you need more energy to get up and get started? Is your motivation lacking? Has your "get up and go" got up and gone?

Carnelian increases our sense of physical energy and personal power. It is a motivational and stimulating stone.

Honey Calcite, Orange Calcite, Red Calcite - in fact all Calcites are energy amplifiers.

Zebra Agate increases our physical energy and enhances our endurance.

2) OK you're at work and now you need to keep a clear head and do some clear thinking.

Selenite provides us with clarity of mind and helps us to understand the situations around us.

Green Calcite helps us to stop thinking negatively and to start thinking positively.

Sodalite helps us to be much more rational and objective in our thinking.

3) Of course you also need to be a good communicator.

Blue Lace Agate, is probably the stone of communication.

Angelite aids communication and self-expression

Howlite helps us to communicate better and to be more subtle and tactful.

4) And wherever you work, you'll doubtless have to attend meetings at some time throughout the day !

Gold Tigers Eye helps us to pay attention to detail and is a great stone for meeting, tests and exams.

Vesuvianite can help to bring about cooperation and is good for joint ventures.

Chiastolite can help to bring harmony and agreement where before there was disention and dispute.

5) Need to stimulate your creativity or come up with new ideas?

Ruby in Zoisite is thought to encourage our creativity.

Hessonite in Wollastonite enhances our creativity and helps us to seek out new challenges.

Chinese Writing Stone stimulates our creativity but allows time for our ideas to mature before we put them into action.

6) So now it's time to show off your leadership qualities !

Green Aventurine helps us to be more decisive and to develop our leadership qualities.

Strombolite engenders a sense of "we" rather than "I" and promotes leadership and organizational qualities.

Fulgurite is often thought of as a stone of leadership.

7) Time to stand up and make that speech or presentation

Aquamarine helps to aid self expression and the flow of communication.

Blue Chalcedony has long been thought of as "The Orators Stone"

Blue Apatite helps with teaching, communication and the passing on of knowledge.

8) Now we all need to work together and show off our teamwork

Scolecite furthers our sense of team spirit and helps to bring success to group efforts.

Sugilite is a good stone for groups of people helping to foster a stronger bonding between group members.

Yellow Fluorite is especially beneficial for groups of people working together as it helps to stabilise the energy of the group and focuses the group on the end result.

9) Having done all this work, lets set our sights on some abundance !

Citrine has long been called "The Merchants Stone" or "The Stone of Abundance" as it helps to attract to us, money, success, wealth and prosperity !

Lemurian Jade can help us to recognise and attract abundance whilst at the same time, stimulate gratitude within us.

Ruby is a stone of abundance.

10) And lets not forget to keep ourselves protected and free from stress throughout the day and to get on with our work colleagues.

Tourmalinated Quartz is an excellent protective and strengthening stone

Aragonite is calming, helps to reduce stress and instils patience

Moss Agate helps us to become much more agreeable and to get on with people better. In fact, it gives a boost to all of our positive personality traits.

We hope these suggestions might improve and enhance your time at work !


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