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Fire Agate Pendant


Fire Agate Pendant

This is a lovely pendant featuring a genuine Fire Agate gemstone.

Search for Fire Agate on Google and you'll find plenty of heat treated Carnelian. What you won't find are many wonderful genuine Fire Agate pendants like this one !

Fire Agate should have that "Inner Fire", hence the name, and this pendant features a stone that shows off the "bubbles" within the stone with small flashes of red and green.

The stone is at first glance tan or light brown. But look closer and you'll see hidden bubbles, spirals and colours.

The only slight downside is that there is a small area (1mm or so) on the left of the stone where it meets and touches the silver, that could have been polished a little better, but really it is quite hard to notice.

It is of course set in sterling silver which is stamped with 925 on the bail.

A lovely pendant - and Fire Agate jewellery doesn't come along that often.

Size (incl. bail) approx. 39mm x 20mm
Weight approx. 8grms

Fire Agate Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Fire Agate is believed to help with problems of the stomach, intestines, circulatory system, nervous system, lymph system and endocrine system. It is also said to enhance vitality and to aid sexual endeavours. Some also believe it to be beneficial to the eyes.

Fire agate is a stone of courage, protection and strength. It is both grounding and calming and helps to relieve fear. It offers us support during difficult times bringing to us feelings of security and safety and it helps us in general to feel much more relaxed about things. Fire Agate is extremely useful in treating addictions as it helps to eliminate cravings and destructive desires. It also "takes the edge off" the emotional charge of problems.

Fire Agate is one of the very few crystals that can quickly repair "blown chakras" and return them to a state of normality once again. It helps us to further our own spiritual progression by enhancing our ability to meditate, to engage in ritual and to undertake spiritual healing. Fire Agate provides us with a deep connection to Earth and protects us from ill-wishing with any harm directed against us being returned to its source. It can help to remove any blockages in our aura and can also help to re-energise it.


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