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Galaxyite Pyramid (Micro-Labradorite) No2


Galaxyite Pyramid (Micro-Labradorite)
you will receive this exact pyramid

This gorgeous Galaxyite Pyramid contains tiny, tiny pieces of Labradorite in Feldspar (which is why it is also sometimes called Micro-Labradorite) and it looks just like a galaxy of stars when you move it around in your hand !

You get little flashes, pinpoints of light like stars against the dark background, that flash blue, green, yellow and gold when you move this pyramid around !

It's a lovely quality pyramid and has been nicely polished and finished.

Size approx. Base 40mm x 40mm, Height 35mm
Weight approx. 60grms

Galaxyite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Galaxyite is believed to help in treating disorders of the brain and the eyes. It is also said to aid digestion, and is believed to be of benefit in treating colds, gout and rheumatism.

Galaxyite helps to reduce fear, anxiety and stress, particularly if this is related to bad dreams or nightmares. Galaxyite can also help us through periods of change in our lives by instilling strength and perseverance within us. It also helps us to instinctively know within ourselves, the "right time" for things. Galaxyite fosters a strong connection with the planets in our own solar system making it a good choice for those wishing to study either astrology or astronomy. It can help us to determine our own destiny and to achieve it too.

Galaxyite is an excellent protector of the Aura, working to deflect any unwanted energies and also keeping it balanced, protected and free from any energy leaks. Galaxyite can help us to raise our levels of consciousness and help us to better connect with universal energies. As this stone also represents the galaxy of the night sky, it helps us with our ability to focus on contact with higher beings and beings of higher spirituality. It can be helpful for astral travel and for astral projection. It also inspires us to bring the teachings of other worlds to this, our own world, for the benefit of all humanity. It promotes within us a better understanding of intuition, mysticism and psychic wisdom.


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