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Kakortokite No1



Kakortokite (Pronounced as ka-Court-o-Kite) is a rare stone from the Illimaussaq Complex, at the top of the Kangerdlussaq Fjord in Southern Greenland. It is comprised of white or grey/white Syenite with red dots of Eudialyte and black lines of Arfvedsonite.

Collecting Kakortokite is a hazardous job. it is found below the clifftops, on the sheer cliff face with the waters of the Fjord hundreds of metres below. People either have to be lowered on ropes and hauled back up again, or they choose the treacherous path down from the clifftops, which is both narrow and icy. Either way, only small amounts can be bought back from a single trip.

There is not a lot of Kakortokite to be found, and, as it is extremely difficult to collect, pieces that come to market are most often small pieces between 3 grams and 10 grams in weight. Its rarity also makes it much sought after by mineral collectors, crystal healers and the jewellery trade.

This piece however, is an absolutely wonderful rough/natural piece of this high vibration stone that helps us to see life with a much more positive outlook. It really is a gorgeous piece - and an excellent size at 24grms !

It displays the unique pattern of red dots along with the occasional black rod, all held in a white matrix - which is exactly what people are looking to see in excellent specimens of Kakortokite.

This genuinely is a wonderful piece of Kakortokite, a rare mineral that is both hard to find and extremely difficult to gather or collect.

Truly rare - and truly sought after !

Size approx. 32mm x 22mm x 20mm
Weight approx. 24grms

Kakortokite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Kakortokite is a high energy stone that is said to re-energise us and increase our vitality. It is thought to be beneficial when treating issues of the optic nerve, liver, blood and nervous system. It is also said to be of benefit in treating seasonally affective disorder (SAD).

Kakortokite dispels negative thoughts and allows us to enjoy a much more positive outlook on life. It helps us to see the truth in all situations and allows us to speak our own inner truth as well.

Kakortokite helps to expand our sense of spirituality teaching us how we can physically connect with the Earth and at the same time can also spiritually connect with the vast infinity of being. An excellent stone for meditation, anchoring us to Earth while we are taken up to the spiritual realms. The frequency of Kakortokite is felt most strongly on the base, sacral, heart and throat chakras. It can open and align these chakras and bring in a balanced energy to our energy fields. Kakortokite can also draw together soul companions and make it known to us if our own soul and that of another are still compatible by looking back at how they were united in ancient, ancestral times.

NB. Do Not make an elixir from this mineral.


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