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Large Hemimorphite Pendant


Large Hemimorphite Pendant

This is a sizable and beautiful Hemimorphite Pendant with a gorgeous bright blue colouring.

This wonderful stone has been cut and polished into an elongated tear drop shape, almost a triangle, and then set into sterling silver and stamped with 925 on the bail.

This is a very bright blue stone and if you look closely, it has that wonderful sort of mottled pattern that you so often find in Hemimorphite.

This is a super piece and one that anybody would be pleased to wear.

Size (incl. bail) approx. 55mm x 25mm
Weight approx. 12grms

Hemimorphite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Hemimorphite is believed to help us when we are moving through hormonal shifts and may help to reduce the effects of hormonal headaches and/or PMS. It is also thought to alleviate ulcer related pain and may be useful in treating disorders of the blood and those with restless legs.

Hemimorphite helps us to realise that we are, for the most part, responsible for our own happiness or unhappiness. We all create our own reality through what we think and what we do and Hemimorphite can help us to reframe this where our thoughts and actions are not what we would wish them to be. Hemimorphite also helps to make us more empathetic in our dealings with people. It increases our levels of self-confidence, lifts our emotions and helps us to further develop our sense of inner strength. It helps us to live a much more joyous, compassionate and creative life. If you are someone who always sets impossibly high standards for yourself or you set yourself unattainable goals, leading to feelings of frustration when, inevitably, you fail to achieve them, Hemimorphite can help you to re-set much more attainable goals and standards so that instead of failure, you experience accomplishment.

Hemimorphite helps us to be much more open to communication from the spiritual realm and the angelic realm. It works on our heart, third eye and crown chakras and is thought to be particularly useful for those who are healers, readers or spiritual counsellors. Hemimorphite can help us to integrate more light into our spiritual body, to better understand ancient techniques of healing and allow us to detach from our own ego thereby bringing about spiritual growth. Because of these traits Hemimorphite is often said to have powerful Buddha energies. Hemimorphite is also a useful stone for those who are engaged in Earth healing.


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