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Madagascar Green Opal Flame


Madagascar Green Opal Flame
you will receive this exact flame carving

This wonderful flame has been cut from an amazing piece of Madagascar Green Opal.

Despite the gorgeous patterns on the stone that make it look uneven, it is in fact, smooth to the touch.

There is a small cavity present that you can see in the photo with the coin, but that is just the way of Madagascar Green Opal !

This is a good size carving, very nearly half a kilo in weight, and very well done at that. Just lovely !

Size approx. 110mm x 80mm x 70mm
Weight approx. 486grms

Green Opal Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Green Opal is thought to be helpful in treating infections and fevers. It is also said to help purify the blood and kidneys, to regulate insulin absorption and to alleviate the symptoms of PMS. It is also thought to help strengthen the immune system and to help with childbirth.

Green Opal promotes an easy, uninhibited manner in us and gives us a feeling of lightness in our lives. It gives us an energy boost when we need it and it enhances our feelings of self worth and self esteem. In making us more confident it helps us to achieve our full potential. Green Opal can help to dispel stress, fear, tension, anxiety and depression. It replaces these negative feelings with feelings of love, calm, relaxation and awareness. Green Opal helps us with our relationships and with faithfulness. It helps us to cleanse and clear our mind and it also both strengthens our memory and promotes recollection.

Green Opal is an excellent stone for meditation and one that can also help us to remember our dreams. It helps us to better understand the meaning of life and fosters within us a much more spiritual outlook on things.


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