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Polished Vivianite Nodule No1


Polished Vivianite Nodule

This is a nodule of Vivianite that has been cut in half and polished on the exposed face.

A Nodule is any stone or mineral or rock that is very hard and durable and that originally formed in soft material like, shale, slate, mud, sand etc which over thousands of years washed away or decomposed, leaving behind the much harder nodule, now exposed and easy to see.

Vivianite nodules form in exactly this manner and when cut open reveal colours of green to dark green, greenish blue, indigo blue, greyish black and black. Polishing of course enhances these colours.

This piece of Vivianite came from Demons Bluff, near Anglesea in Victoria, Australia.

It's a really lovely piece and you just don't see many Vivianite Nodules for sale. They are unusual rather than rare, but you still don't see that many.

Just lovely !

Size approx. 60mm x 40mm x 23mm
Weight approx. 42grms

Vivianite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Vivianite is believed to help in treating eye conditions, the alignment of the spine, problems with the heart and liver and is also said to help with our assimilation of Iron. It is also believed to increase our levels of vitality. It is often said that Vivianite reminds our body how to heal itself.

Vivianite is a crystal of peace, of love and of compassion. It helps to dispel negative thoughts and raises low self-esteem. Vivianite helps us to set goals for ourself, to carry on striving for those goals with intent, and shows us the path we must take to reach them. It gives us the strength to carry on through great adversity and it makes life seem both stimulating and challenging rather than dreary and monotonous. Vivianite helps to create within us a more generous heart and helps us to see how so many things are interconnected. It helps to overcome boredom and is ideal for shaking up and reinvigorating stagnant or long term relationships. Vivianite can also work on our deepest feelings and the things that we deny ourselves. It can help to better integrate our shadow side with our light side.

Vivianite is an excellent crystal for meditation as it allows us to easily quieten our mind and opens us to receiving messages from our heart. It is also an excellent cleanser of our auric field. Vivianite helps us to more clearly "see" that which has been obscured or unclear to us. It enables true seeing. It also helps us to come to terms with ourselves when we are disturbed by seeing the unseeable or the unacceptable.


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