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Shipping & Delivery Charges

Our Shipping and Delivery charges are simple.

1) Shipping & Delivery Charges :-

Every order (unless the value of the order is over 40 Sterling) will be charged shipping/delivery costs.

The appropriate amount from the table below will be added to your order and is regardless of how many items are ordered and regardless of their weight.

Orders over 40 Sterling will be delivered free of charge !

Delivery To

Shipping Costs

Anywhere in the UK


Anywhere in Europe


USA and Canada


Australia & New-Zealand


Rest of the World


2) Delivery Times :-

Goods will be dispatched within 28 days but in most cases we will endeavour to dispatch goods within 48 hours.

Please recognise that there will be times when we have to source a particular item(s) and in these instances we will let you know the estimated delivery date.

3) Carrier :-

Goods ordered will be packed and dispatched by us using first class post via Royal Mail.
There may however, be times when we dispatch goods via a courier service, and we reserve the right to do this, if we feel that the situation demands it.

4) Delivery Outside of the United Kingdom :-

We can deliver anywhere in the world.

5) Payment :-

All goods and services supplied by us must be paid for in Pounds Sterling. We cannot accept payment in currencies other than British Pounds Sterling.

6) Non Receipt by You :-

Please inform us as soon as possible if you do not receive your goods within a reasonable time frame.

7) Damaged Goods :-

We will endeavour to pack and wrap, with great care, everything you order from us. However, we recognise that there will be times when, for whatever reason, the goods you receive will have suffered damage in the post. In these circumstances, please call us as soon as possible so that we may discuss the matter and reach an agreement.

8) If we are Out of Stock :-

Should we be out of stock on any particular item, we will do our best to contact you straight away and let you know so that you may amend or cancel your order.