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Shungite Pyramid No1


Shungite Pyramid
you will receive this exact pyramid

Super pyramid cut from Shungite with its matt black colouring.

It is said that Shungite increases all that is good for us and diminishes all that is bad for us.

Shungite is a soft mineral and this pyramid has been polished to a "satin matt" finish. However, the surface may still show some lines or marks sort of "within the stone" or "just on the surface". It is quite difficult to polish Shungite 100% flat !

This remains a high grade piece of Shungite, beautifully shaped with the base of the pyramid being nicely bevelled.

This is a wonderful pyramid.

Size approx. Base 44mm x 44mm, Height 30mm
Weight approx. 53grms

Shungite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Shungite is a remarkable mineral of uncertain origin. It is a natural non-crystalline Carbon whose formation has been dated to approximately 2 billion years ago. The problem being that 2 billion years ago there were no plants or life on earth to create Carbon! Shungite also contains a rare form of Carbon called Buckminster Fullerenes, one of only 4 modifications of Carbon ever discovered. Metaphysically, Shungite provides a shielding effect from the potentially harmful rays of electromagnetic radiation given off by items such as microwave ovens, TV sets, mobile phones and computers. It is also said to help with headaches, stomach ache, back ache and general non specific pain.

Shungite is noted for its general ability to heal, clean, save, protect, neutralise and regenerate. It is said to eliminate and absorb all that presents itself as a hazard to people and other living beings, but at the same time, is also said to concentrate and restore all that is helpful for the existence of human beings.

Shungite is alleged to protect against the evil eye, alien negativity fields and negative influences in general.


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