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Thulite Palm Stone No2


Thulite Palm Stone

This is a gorgeous plummy, wine red palm stone, cut from high grade Thulite from Norway.

This is the exact shade of deep red that lovers of Thulite are looking for.

Thulite is a supreme "Stone of Nurturing", helping us with low self esteem, emotional trauma, emotional abuse and a lack of love and care. It brings us harmony in our relationships and opens our heart to love.

Size approx. 43mm x 42mm x 10mm
Weight approx. 32grms

Thulite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Thulite is useful in the treatment of eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia. It can help with Calcium deficiency and also with intestinal problems. Thulite enhances fertility and treats disorders of the reproductive organs. It is also very useful for those suffering from extreme weakness and exhaustion.

Thulite can help us to better understand the emotional trauma and illnesses caused by a lack of nurturing, physical and emotional abuse, abandonment, incest and neglect. It also helps to fight the low self-esteem and low self-opinion that is often associated with these conditions. In fact, Thulite can be thought of as "A Stone of Nurturing" and one that can bring love, and an understanding of love, into our lives. It can bring harmony to our relationships and to wider communities too. It helps us to both nurture and love ourselves, as well as the ones we love the most. Thulite is useful in combating feelings of loneliness. It is an excellent stone for overcoming arguments as it helps to open our hearts so that all parties involved can see the inner truth of a situation. Thulite is also a great stone for newly-weds and those at the beginning of a relationship as it encourages both passion and sexual feelings. It also helps us to look inside ourselves at our own personalities, to note the unpleasant bits we see, and to set about correcting them. Lastly, Thulite helps to develop that part of us concerned with entertaining, the dramatic arts and showmanship !

An excellent stone for meditation. It both enhances the senses, and blocks unwanted astral and mental influences. Thulite can help us to reach an altered state of mind and a state of spiritual union.


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