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Unakite Pyramid No3


Unakite Pyramid
you will receive this exact pyramid

This is a great Unakite Pyramid with just the right blend of red and green colouring.

It looks just wonderful !

This pyramid has been cut from a great piece of Unakite and has been polished and finished with care.

A really lovely Pyramid - Unfortunately, and we didn't notice until we got it home and started photographing it, but one of the four corners at the base has lost a tiny (1mm) part of its point and has been roughly polished to cover the fact. It's not dramatic - after all, we didn't notice it!, but it is there.

Size approx. Base 40mm x 40mm, Height 35mm
Weight approx. 69grms

Unakite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Unakite is a good stone for the treatment of the reproductive system and can aid a healthy pregnancy. Unakite is also useful if you need to convalesce after surgery or an illness. It can help with the growth of skin tissue and hair. Unakite can also stimulate weight gain where required.

Unakite balances our emotions and can help us to better see any conditions from the past that may be holding back our personal growth now. Unakite can help to make us more assertive. A good stone for the heart Chakra.

Unakite can help with past life healing and the re-birthing process. It helps us to see what past problems may be holding us back spiritually and to release them. Unakite can also help us to see visions in meditation and also to see psychic visions.


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