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Wet Straw Copper Sculpture No1


Wet Straw Copper Sculpture

This is an amazing Copper sculpture, made from 100% natural Copper, but probably not made the way you are thinking !

The Copper is heated up to around 1,100 degree C, at which point it melts and becomes liquid. The molten Copper is then poured through straw bales that have been soaked in water until they are very wet.

As the Copper hits the straw, it flows between the tightly compressed stalks of straw, setting some on fire and creating pathways from the top of the straw to the bottom. As the straw is both saturated wet and tightly packed, any fires are stopped by the straw which also slows down the progress of the molten Copper.

When everything has cooled down, any remaining bits of straw are burnt off, the Copper extracted and then cleaned and polished to a wonderful Coppery shine !

Clearly, there is no control over what shape the final Copper Sculpture will take, but we were offered a choice of some of these sculptures (all created in Michigan in the USA) and we think this one is just so amazing !

You can see all sorts of shapes, movement and free flowing freedom in this piece - it's wonderful and of course, it's unique !

Size approx. 110mm x 70mm x 60mm
Weight approx. 216grms

Copper Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Copper has long been believed to help reduce swelling and inflammation and to relieve the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis, indeed copper bangles and bracelets were worn by the Romans and probably date back to even earlier times too. Copper is also thought to be good for blood circulation and for treating cases of restlessness, fatigue and low energy.

Copper works on our base and sacral charka points and promotes within us intuition, vitality, desire and sexual desire. It increases our energy levels and makes us more mentally agile. It encourages experimentation and inventiveness. It also helps us to draw inspiration from the natural world around us and to learn new things through observation. Copper allows us to become much more aware of our own unconscious thoughts and of how these thoughts may shape our emotions. It also allows us to see any obstacles standing in the way of our own future development.

Copper helps us to realise that there is no need to constantly search for "the meaning of life" but that there is a need to release and remove all of the barriers that we ourselves have placed in the way of our own spiritual development. Copper is a great conductor of energy and is extremely useful for pulling in energies from the higher realms. It can provide a beneficial connection between the physical body and the astral body and can help to align the subtle bodies. It can bring positive energies into our aura and can also promote channeling and psychic contact.


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