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Amethyst Upright No5


Amethyst Standing Upright

This is a small but wonderful piece of Amethyst from Brazil.

As you may know, we always tend to buy Uruguayan Amethyst for its depth of colour, but we were offered some of these small Brazilian pieces (of which this is one) and of course we hand picked the ones that we thought were the best !

Brazilian Amethyst is often compared unfavourably to Uruguayan Amethyst, but the truth is that there are some really gorgeous pieces of Amethyst to be found in Brazil - and of course, because they are not that deep, deep purple that everyone lusts after, the price is much more affordable !

This piece and many of the others on this page are all small to medium, mostly around 55-70mm tall but they all have a lovely colour and a great shape. Small, but wonderful pieces really !

This one stands up nicely on its own and displays its Amethyst crystals very well.

The edges have also been polished, so no sharp bits sticking in your fingers when you pick it up !

The colour of the crystals is just lovely and they sparkle in the light !

Size approx. 70mm x 61mm x 57mm
Weight approx. 223grms

Amethyst Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Amethyst is perhaps the most well known of all crystals and has strong healing and cleansing power making it an extremely important, almost all purpose, crystal. Amethyst is very helpful to us if we are having trouble in sleeping. It is extremely useful with migraines and headaches and can help with hearing disorders too. Amethyst strengthens the skeletal system and reinforces proper posture. It stimulates and regulates the endocrine glands and helps with disorders of the nervous system, digestive tract, heart, stomach, skin and teeth. Amethyst is also useful in treating the lungs and the respiratory tract.

Amethyst brings to us a sense of peace and contentment. It is a crystal with a calming effect. It reduces anger, rage, fear and impatience. It can promote inspired dreams and dispels nightmares. Amethyst helps to enhance our memory and stops us being anxious about things. Amethyst is useful for cleansing the aura and for absorbing any negativity. It is a very comforting crystal to have by us during periods of sadness, stress or bereavement.

Amethyst is one of the most spiritual crystals there is. It promotes a love of the divine and encourages spiritual wisdom. Amethyst also promotes our sense of spiritual awareness and contentment and, during meditation with Amethyst, we can be lifted into higher states of consciousness which allow our finer perceptions of things to become clearer. Amethyst also helps us to understand things at a deeper level when we meditate with it. Our psychic abilities are also enhanced with Amethyst.


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