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Yellow Brucite No2


Yellow Brucite

Normally, Brucite is a fairly common mineral which only ever occurs as rough, dull rock. However, it's a source of Magnesium and is mined because of that.

There are only three or four places in the world where high grade Brucite can be found with a quality good enough to attract mineral collectors.

We can now add Pakistan to that list of countries following a find about 4 years ago of, previously unknown, bright yellow Brucite, in the Killa Saifullah District of Balochistan in Pakistan.

And this gorgeous piece comes from there. It is a great piece of Yellow Brucite that has formed as a layered plate on top of a black matrix.

The colour is excellent and it has a semi-glassy shine.

Considering that most pieces offered for sale are in the 8-12grm range, it's nice to find a larger piece like this one weighing in at 26grms !

Still an unusual crystal !

Size approx. 65mm x 58mm x 10mm
Weight approx. 26grms

Brucite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Brucite is believed to help with the healing of broken bones, with lessening neuralgia and joint pain, reducing the pain of migraines and headaches and to help with bruising. It is also thought to be of some benefit in treating intestinal problems and with excess alkalinity within the body.

Brucite helps us to step back and take the time to determine if the current situation that we are in, whether that relates to our job or to our personal relationships, is in our best interests. If we become aware that we need to move on and perhaps end some relationships, then Brucite can firstly help us to make that decision and secondly, help us to see alternatives that are not only better for us but that may also be better for the other parties involved. Brucite is also an excellent crystal for helping us to plan new ventures, for moving us forward and for helping us to set new goals. Brucite is also good for groups of people as it helps us to communicate more clearly and stimulates interaction between the group members. It does keep us calm and relaxed though and helps to take the heat out of any unruly group debates! Lastly, Brucite has a wonderful uplifting energy. It raises our spirits, improves our mood and generally helps us to feel lighter and happier.

Brucite connects with our Solar Plexus Chakra and so gives a boost to our spiritual willpower. It also helps to bring together groups of souls helping us to discover why we are all here in this life at the same time.


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