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Tiffany Stone Tumble Stone

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Tiffany Stone, Tumbled Stone

We've managed to get some absolutely gorgeous stones of this lovely rare tumble stone.

These stones are a medium size and display the purple, lilac, white and cream colours that Tiffany Stone is so famous for. There are also the thin black lines that you want to see too !

Tiffany Stone possibly holds the world record for being known by more names than any other stone. As well as Tiffany Stone, you may also hear it called Opalized Fluorite, Bertrandite, Purple Bertrandite, Purple Opal, Ice Cream Opalite, Opal Fluorite, Purple Passion, Beryllium Ore or Utah Lavender !

This extremely rare and beautiful stone is sought after by the jewellery trade and nice tumble stones like these don't come along every day. It is a lovely high vibration stone and one that is also popular with crystal healers too.

It's called Tiffany Stone as the main colours are often purple, pink and creamy white with black lines or veins that resemble the Tiffany lamps still available and still popular today.

Size Medium, approx. 20-25mm
Weight approx. 6grms

Tiffany Stone Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Tiffany Stone is a high energy and a high vibration stone. It is thought to help with strengthening the bones and the ligaments and is also believed to help in treating tendonitis, arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Tiffany Stone helps us during transitions and changes of all kinds. It provides us with emotional strength and perseverance and makes us much more open and receptive to new ideas. It enhances our intuition and promotes clear thinking making it a good stone for academic study. It is able to fill our heart with unconditional love and helps to remove emotional blockages. Indeed, if we have hidden or secret thoughts and feelings, perhaps even feelings that we feel ashamed of, then Tiffany Stone will support us and help us to express them. Tiffany Stone also stimulates our sexual energy and enhances our sex drive.

Tiffany Stone helps us to receive and to understand many forms of psychic communication such as telepathic, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant and channelled information. It connects us to the higher realms through our higher chakras, third eye, crown, higher crown and soul star chakras, so that we may more easily receive guidance from spirit. It is also an excellent stone for releasing blockages in the chakra system and in the meridians and for assisting with the proper flow of energy along the meridians. Tiffany Stone is a high vibration stone and helps us to make the most of whatever metaphysical gifts we have.

Please note that whilst polished or tumbled pieces like these are fine to handle, and indeed, are often made into jewellery, Tiffany Stone contains Beryllium, the dust from which is toxic, so make sure that you only handle polished pieces and to be safe, don't make an elixir or gem essence from Tiffany Stone.

If you'd like to know more about why Tiffany Stone is so rare - then read on !

This is an extremely rare stone for two very good reasons.

1) It was only discovered in 1969 and is only found in one place in the world. It is mined from the Brush Wellman Beryllium Mine in the Topaz-Spor Mountains of the Sevier Desert, which is in Juab County in Western Utah, USA. It is found nowhere else in the world.

2) Beryllium is an extremely rare and highly sought after metal. Stronger than steel and lighter than aluminium, it is used in the manufacture of micro chip technology, in mobile phones, in the aviation industry, in the medical industry where it has applications in laser surgery and also by the military for use in missiles, atomic weapons and satellite guidance systems.

Collecting this mineral has now been banned and everything that is mined is crushed to extract the 1-2% of Beryllium contained within it. This is why it is rare !

You will receive 1 (one) hand picked, lovely Tiffany Stone Tumbled Stone


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