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Isua Stone Tumble Stone

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Isua Stone

Isua Stone takes its name from where it is found and it is only found at just the one location on the planet, namely, The Isua Greenstone Belt which is to be found in The Isukasia Terrane in the Nuuk region of South West Greenland.

It is believed to be one of the oldest stones found on Earth so far, dating back to over 3.7 billion years ago.

Even though Nuummite is often called "The oldest stone on Earth", tests so far have shown that Isua Stone is around 750 Million years older than Nuummite !

In geological terms it is known as a Supracrustal Rock, that is to say, rock that has been deposited onto the Earth's bedrock from the crust above. Rocks like this are frequently metamorphised mafic volcanic or sedimentary rocks. (Mafic means rich in Magnesium and Iron). This process is usually caused by plate tectonics, i.e. the movement of continents around the Earth's surface.

The piece of crust in Greenland where Isua Stone is found was thrust to the surface millions of years ago and the stones are found as pebbles as well as rough rock. The fact that they are found as pebbles has caused many geologists to believe that perhaps Isua Stone was originally formed under water as only the rolling action of water can form pebbles. If this is true then it must mean that even when the planet was very young it had cool water and well defined land masses, even if the temperature just below the surface was still extremely hot !

The area where Isua Stone is found is very difficult to access and for this reason it will probably never become available in large quantities.

Size Medium/Large, approx. 22-28mm
Weight approx. 9grms

Isua Stone Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Isua Stone may be beneficial in treating leg cramps. It may also help with spinal alignment and the healing of broken and fractured bones.

Isua Stone helps us to feel more safe and secure within ourselves. It can be both balancing and stimulating and provides us with the courage of our own convictions. It helps us to work out what our needs are in this life and also helps us to double check on the goals we have set for ourselves. Isua Stone brings us emotional strength and power to enable us to reach out and touch our dreams.

Isua Stone is an amazingly effective grounding stone. It connects to our Base Chakra and to our Earth Star Chakra rooting us deep into Mother Earth. This strong and deep grounding also helps us to anchor our soul into our physical body. As Isua Stone is such an extremely ancient stone its energies resonate with ancient wisdom and knowledge. When meditating with Isua Stone it is possible to "go within" and make connections with our past lives here on Earth. It is not only our past lives may be revealed to us but also our past life relationships. If we continually have problems with relationships today, we may learn how to break this cycle by examining our past life relationships. Lastly, Isua Stone is also a stone of protection turning away or blocking any negative energies aimed at us.

You will receive 1 (one) hand picked, lovely Isua Stone Tumbled Stone


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