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African Turquoise Sphere


African Turquoise Sphere
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Although this stone sounds like a form of Turquoise, technically speaking it is in fact a teal-coloured speckled form of Jasper, which is in itself a member of the Chalcedony family of crystals.

It is mined exclusively in Africa and specimens vary considerably one from the other. One may be browner in colour and the next one a vibrant green in colour.

Although the basic colour maybe teal, African Turquoise is speckled with other coloured Jaspers as well.

Add to this the fact that inclusions of Copper and Iron are frequently present as well and you can understand why there are so many colour variations.

This "soup" of minerals ensures that, when polished, the surface patterns of the stone are wildly different one from another. No two pieces are ever the same !

However, most pieces that are mined are left as they are, simply polished and cut to reveal their lovely patterning.

Some of the more vibrant specimens though, the ones that are already leaning towards being blue/green in colour, are often chemically treated in order to make them look very similar to standard Turquoise - hence the name African Turquoise !

Size approx. 60mm in Diameter
Weight approx. 253grms

African Turquoise Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

African Turquoise is believed to support the general health of the heart and blood circulation.

African Turquoise is often known as the stone of change or the stone of evolution as it can bring about great changes and transformation in our life. It opens our minds to new ideas and endless possibilities. It provides us with the emotional balance and confidence that we need to push forward with our ideas. It encourages us to use the knowledge we already possess, and at the same time, to be comfortable in calling on the wisdom of others. African Turquoise opens our heart chakra, which over time, can help us grow into a much more open, loving and optimistic person. It can also help us to let go of anger, ease mood swings and gives us the space to develop a much more optimistic outlook on life.

African Turquoise helps to awaken our spiritual self and makes us much more aware of the spiritual side of our life. It can reawaken our soul and help us discover our soul?s true purpose. It is an excellent stone for working on the third eye chakra and for meditation and contemplation. It helps us to feel our connectedness to both Mother Earth and to higher spiritual planes. African Turquoise is a valuable companion as we move along our spiritual path from curiosity to wonder, to acceptance, to enlightenment.


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