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Chinese Writing Stone Egg No2, 49mm

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Chinese Writing Stone Egg No2

To look at, these stones are very similar to Chrysanthemum Stone, but where the white inclusions in Chrysanthemum Stone radiate to form flowers, the white inclusions here are irregular and are often close together making them rather look like the characters used in oriental writing - hence the name.

The pictures above are of the actual egg that you will receive.

And don't forget that you'll also receive a free acrylic stand for your egg as well !

Size approx. 49mm x 35mm
Weight approx. 80grms

Chinese Writing Stone Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Chinese Writing Stone is believed to be beneficial in treating disorders of the eyes, the spine and the legs. It is said to help us assimilate protein more easily and to keep our muscles flexible.

Chinese Writing Stone is very much a stone of reaffirmation and recommitment. It reaffirms relationships, strengthens commitments and reinforces loyalties. At the same time it also helps us to adjust to change and to be more original about how we chose to live. Chinese Writing Stone stimulates our creativity but allows time for our ideas to mature before we put them into action, it then helps us to accept the responsibility for our own choices.

Chinese Writing Stone helps us to access information from ancient writings, sacred texts and the akashic records. It also helps us to better understand and to interpret what is written and what we see. It also helps us to enter the dream state much more easily and it can either help us to have more peaceful dreams or it can help us to dream about things that we have predetermined that we wish to dream about.


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