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Libyan Desert Glass


Libyan Desert Glass

Rare and unusual tektite glass formed from an asteroid or comet impact around 26 million years ago.

Size approx. 42mm x 19mm x 14mm
Weight approx. 8grms

Libyan Desert Glass (also known as Libyan Gold Tektite) was created when a huge asteroid or comet entered the Earths atmosphere and exploded just before it actually hit the ground. This aerial burst released enough heat to melt and fuse together the surface of the desert sand forming what we today call Libyan Desert Glass.

This was around 26 million years ago and the area the asteroid hit is now the border between modern day Libya and Egypt and this is the only place in the world where this distinctive material is to be found in the Eastern Sahara Desert, on the edge of the Great Erg Desert.

Libyan Desert Glass was used by ancient man to make tools and by the Pharaohs of Egypt to make jewellery. Probably the most famous piece known is the carved yellow scarab found in Tutankhamen's pectoral (a large brooch or necklace designed to be worn as a breast plate) and which was seemingly designed to be worn directly over his heart.

These unusual stones carry the energy of the Sun Ray or the Golden Ray, a powerful healing and spiritual energy. They work mainly on the solar plexus chakra and are excellent at strengthening our will and our resolve. They help us to create the world we want and assist in stripping away all that is outdated, worn out, or simply holding us back.

Libyan Desert Glass helps to guard against any negative energies and is also thought to be a powerful manifestation stone. It is a high vibration stone that aids our spiritual journey. Its spiritual vibration can also help us to reconnect to past lives, to ancient times and to ancient knowledge.

This is an extremely useful stone for those who are extra sensitive or those who feel that they simply do not belong on this earth, the so called "Star Children", who find it difficult living on Earth and who are susceptible to its heavy energies.

Libyan Desert Glass also helps us to receive channelled cosmic energy and enhances our spiritual vision.


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