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Preseli Bluestone Green Man Carving No2

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Preseli Bluestone Green Man Carving

Super carving of a Green Man cut from lovely Preseli Bluestone.

This disc shaped carving represents the Green Man, a figure at the centre of Pagan and Wiccan beliefs and who is frequently also found in ancient Celtic mythology too.

He represents mans reliance on, and his union with, all of nature and the life force of nature.

This piece is cut from lovely Preseli Bluestone and includes a smoother circular outer edge.

Size approx. 58mm in diameter and 12mm thick
Weight approx. 50grms

Preseli Bluestone Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Preseli Bluestone was the stone used to build the inner Bluestone Circle at Stonehenge. It has the white spots or stars that were so prized by the ancient builders, possibly for their resemblance to the cosmos, that they manhandled this stone some 240 miles from the Preseli Hills in Wales to the Stonehenge construction site in Wiltshire by land and by sea. Preseli was already, in ancient times, considered a sacred healing place with many holy wells, magical rocks and many different forms of healing taking place there. And now this Preseli Bluestone is available once again to connect us to that ancient energy, and to what is perhaps the most iconic stone circle in the world !

Preseli Bluestone is a uniquely British stone and one with strong grounding and protective energies. Physically, Bluestone can help us with ear, nose and throat problems and is also beneficial for our immune system.

Preseli Bluestone can be used to access our dreams and the deepest parts of our minds including our far memory. It is a timeless stone that can unravel emotional problems, helping us to be both relaxed and energised at the same time, and one which helps us to steadily pull our thoughts together. It is a protective stone bringing us willpower and courage and the conviction to speak the truth.

Preseli Bluestone helps to anchor us to the Earths energy. It has a strong connection with Mother Earth and helps us to realise that we must respect her. It helps us to travel beyond time, to connect with the distant past and to explore links to other past lifetimes. Bluestone may open the doorway to other dimensions for us. It has links to the energy of Merlin and may be particularly beneficial to Shamans as it can also help to amplify the use of sound and movement in rituals. Bluestone increases our ability to sense energy lines, ley lines and crystal vibrations. It helps us to receive spiritual messages and to be able to process and integrate the messages we receive.


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